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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Difference between our mothers and new generation mothers

My mother used to communicate with eyes while I was growing up...
When visitors are in the house and I am jumping up and down, there is an eye sign which means ​"get out"​

When visitors are eating and you want to eat with them, there is this particular look which means ​"if you collect anything here I will skin you alive"​ but meanwhile she will be telling the visitors "don't mind him, he won't eat or he has eaten.."

When you pay a visit to any family member and you want to cry over what is not yours, there is this look which means ​"if I hear pim from you again, I will flog you die"​

But today's mother... I mean our young mummies today ehhh...
Their eyes are already weakened with mascara, eye lashes and heavy-duty facelifts and make-ups from Mary Kay to Jenifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie. In short, the eyes can't communicate again... when they are looking at a child, the child will be looking back at them because that child is seeing them as either a magician or masquerade or even doll baby, which they are used to.

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