Givers only enjoys grace
God's the source of all wealth
Every giver should oft note that
He's not smarter than the receiver.

None is an island
Everyone is a giver
Everyone is a receiver
Only God is self-sufficient.

What is giving?
What does giving do?
What does a giver gain?
What does a receiver get?

Giving is sharing
Someone gives you
That is why you have
Make life easy for other too.

Giving is loving
Everyone deserves it
Learn to give all the time
Without considering discrimination.

Giving is sparing
Involving some treasures
That may be difficult to let go
Try to give out as situation demands.

Giving is sacrificing
Though not compulsory
But more than necessary
That often brings about denial.

Giving is exchanging
The rich give their money
The have nots spend their time
It's a two way thing, complementary.

Giving brings happiness
Giving increases fortunes
Giving restores broken homes
Giving bails the troubled out of crises.

Through it poverty reduced
Through it casualties limited
Through it calamities forestalled
Through it oppression minimized.

Try to give willingly
Learn to give impactfully
Stop from giving beggarly
Continue to give meaningfully.

Giving heals
Giving blesses
Giving enriches
Many giving does

Giving is life
Giving is living
Only the generous know that
Cheerful givers never lack good things.