Barely three weeks after my phone was miraculously returned by a good Samaritan, another good Samaritan was found today but this time the kind gesture of the good Samaritan went to two students.

As I was about to enter my place of work through the main gate, I noticed two students waiting, I had conversations with them, I checked in to inform the appropriate personnel.

Before my return back to the gate, I heard that a good Samaritan had cleared to bill for the two students I met outside.

Whao! I shouted, I later inquire about the man - from my enquiries I was told the man is a Medical Doctor. He is MD of one private hospital in Abeokuta and he is currently working at Federal Medical Centre in Abeokuta.

He is one out of uncountable good people living in Nigeria.

We are still having good people living in Nigeria.